Thursday, February 10, 2011

Embellished Valentine's Candy Boxes

   Tomorrow is Friday! Thank the good Lord for weekends. This has been a very busy, but really enjoyable week. Today was a long day due to the fact that our school had portfolio night tonight. I was worried that being at school until 7 was going to be soooo long, but the hours flew by (we had a two hour delay this morning which helped a lot) and it was nice to get some stuff done. We had 13 kids come to share their masterpieces and progress with their parents this evening and it was so enjoyable to see the kids so proud of themselves and their work and get to talk to the parents about their precious little ones I've been entrusted with. Tomorrow's the 100th day of school, so much excitement this week!
   In other news, Valentine's Day is Monday so it's high time I share a Valentine's craft project right?

Do you like my valentine's candy box?

   I was inspired by some decorated heart candy boxes I shared on "Enchantment Tuesday" a few weeks ago. I loved the idea, but I've always found the candy that comes in those heart shaped boxes to be kind of a waste of calories, so I decided to make my own candy boxes...and my own candy perhaps?

  I began my project with Christmas boxes I found on clearance. Oh yes, they were a good find. Thank you AC Moore. Now if only you weren't on the other side of town...
   I decoupaged the lids of the boxes. One of them I covered with leftover wedding doilies and the other I covered with dictionary pages.

   My cheap lil glue gun hasn't let me down yet. I love dollar store ribbon.

   I added LOTS of embellishments. The more the better right? Doilies, hearts, buttons, ribbon....

   These really turned out pretty well if I don't say so myself. Now, wouldn't filling them with Valentine's Cake Batter Bark, Salted Caramel Peanut Bark, and a few other homemade (preferably chocolate) treats make a perfect gift? Uh, hech yes that'd be perfect :o)
   Happy Friday friends!


  1. Great job on your candy boxes! I hope you'll stop by the Pretty Packages party and share them!


  2. I love all the embellishments on top-very pretty!

  3. You're right! The more embellishments the better! Love the use of dictionary pages. Very posh.

  4. Thanks so much for linking up your sweet candy boxes to the Pretty Packages party! Be sure to stop by again next month!!

  5. anna- how cute! I love the embellishments.


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