Friday, February 11, 2011

Headband Swap

   Not only is today Friday, it was also the 100th day of school! We had many festivities related to the number 100 including tracing and cutting out 100 footprints and lining them up so see how long the hallway of our building is. It's satisfying knowing I've made it 100 days, and enjoyed almost every minute (dealing with throw-up and wet pants isn't always fun). Now the count down to the summer begins.
   Remember when I mentioned that I got a lovely little package in the mail last weekend? Time to share the beautiful contents.
   Who doesn't love, love, love getting packages in the mail? I'd been so anxiously awaiting the arrival of this package Brandon was starting to call me obsessed with visiting the mailbox. This excitement was the result of signing up for a headband swap hosted by Danielle at Take Heart. My headbandswap partner was Moriah from Josiah's nest (she has one of the most adorable baby boys I've ever seen). Moriah sent me two absolutely beautiful headbands that she made.

  Are they delightful or what? They make me feel pretty, girly, and so special. Moriah did such a perfect job. 
  I've crafted many things, but never a headband. I didn't want to send her an "experiment" so I found a headband for her on Etsy from coco rose couture. To see her's click here.
  If Danielle ever hosts another headband swap she can definitely count me in. SO much fun :o)


  1. these are so beautiful! moriah did an amazing job and you rock these well, friend! thanks so much for playing along :)

  2. SOOOOO cute!!!! I saw the headband swap after it was already over-- I need to make myself something cute for my head! lol.

  3. I LOVE my new headbands :o)

    Yes Dana, you must make a cute hair accessary. Every lady needs a few :o)


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