Monday, January 3, 2011

Vases and candles

   I feel a tad bit foolish and silly. I just snuck across the street to collect some pretty pinecones from the park. I accomplished my task and had to cross the street to get home. Cars were coming so I had to run across the street in the weird assortment of clothes I'd thrown on, swinging a large Starbucks bag full of pinecones, and trying to hold up my stubborn pants. Ah well, I'll never see the people from those oncoming cars again. I did get some nice pinecones :o)
   After school today I went by my parents' house to get two mason jars for a science experiment we're doing tomorrow. While I was there my sweet mom helped me go through all the lovely vases I'd bought for my wedding. I'd forgotten how many I had. Since I got home I've been working on using them to decorate our apartment.

A little bathroom counter accessorizing

This is in our little office on a table my dad built me. Everything would pop so much more if we could just paint these dull white walls. Darn apartment living.

   I'm pleased to have all my lovely vases back and I'm enjoyed the rearranging while re-watching Arrested Development :o)

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