Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

   It's so weird it's only Tuesday. Am I the only one who feels like today should be at least Wednesday or even Thursday? Well, never the less, it's been a very pleasant and enjoyable past two days at school and now I get to post another "Enchantment Tuesday." I'm excited to share the things I've fallen for this past week so here we go happily...

I really love this pretty little bottle opener from Anthropologie

I want one of these ear warmers made by susannahbean.

My new snowflake lights to warm up the cold winter.

There is no more necessary clothing item than a cardigan. This one from Grosgrain started out as a dull long sleeved tee and now, isn't it gorgeous? 

I found this set of four initial plates at Target for $3.74. Who doesn't love having their initial on everything?

I am so, so, so envious of this gallery salon wall from Southern Hospitality. I aspire to have a wall filled with eclectic elements like this someday.

   There y'all go. I hope everyones' inspired by, or at least enjoyed just looking at, all these enchanting images :o)


  1. Beautiful pieces and ideas!!! I love that bottle opener and that cardigan!

  2. I love those ear warmer headbands! I'm hoping that my mom will make me one. So cute!

  3. yay glad y'all liked them :o)

    i'm considering buying the ear warmers...


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