Sunday, November 14, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 2

   Here it is, my second handmade Christmas gift. I know I've already made and shared one yarn wreath but, 1. I really like yarn wreaths and 2. I think they make great gifts. I I made this one for my mom (don't worry it's not her Christmas present so I didn't just spoil anything). I considered making a Christmas one but a winter themed one can be left up long after the tree is taken down.

Snowman Yarn Wreath

You will need
  • Foam wreath
  • Two bunches of yarn-one white and one another color
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Styrofoam balls of different sizes (I used 13)
Step 1. I began with the same Dollar Tree foam wreath as last time and chose to use multicolored yarn. Click here to see how to wrap the wreath. 

Step 2. I found my little styrofoam balls at Dollar Tree also, 8 in each pack. I wrapped a small ball, a  medium ball, and large ball in white yarn for the snowman and then more medium and small ones for the "snowballs." When I wrapped each one I ensured that the surface was covered, then tied the two ends together. 

Step 3. I used my new best crafting pal, my hot glue gun, to glue the snowman together and on the wreath and all the yarn balls on the wreath. I didn't want anything falling apart so I was very generous with the glue. 

I put ribbon on mine to hang up. Now wrap it up and give it to someone you love :o)


  1. I love this!! I want one, but I am so not crafty... it would be best for me to stay FAR away from a glue gun !

  2. Aw I'm sure you could make one! Perhaps your husband could handle the dangerous glue gun part ;o)

  3. That is too cute! I have to share on my FB page! Love it!! :)

  4. The snowmen are adorable! Great idea!!!
    You are welcome to feature anything on my blog :) The boots are a great Christmas gift project too!

  5. Thank you all for the compliments. it's so encouraging to know that people are reading my blog and liking the things I make!
    Jess, please do share it on your fb page!
    side by side, i will probably be posting your boots this week :o)

  6. Hello, I found your blog through Cottage Instincts....I love the yard wreath! So soft and pretty. I am also going for some handmade Christmas gifts this year, and I LOVE wreaths! This is definitely one I need to try. I am a new follower. :)


  7. I'm so glad you found me :o) Aren't yarn wreaths lovely? They're definitely my new favorite craft. Thanks for following!

  8. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at our Strut Your Stuff Party!

  9. Very cute idea!!

    I would be honored if you would stop by my Commercial Break Linky List and link this in!


  10. Beautiful! I love snowmen :) Thank you so much for linking up today!!!


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