Monday, July 9, 2012

Savannah, GA

   One of the last days of our glorious beach stay we ventured down to Savannah, GA. We went here on our honeymoon as well and just loved it. Savannah is one of those places that just feels so, beautifully Southern. Spanish Moss swaying from the twisted limbs of the trees. Coblestone streets. Antique shops. A wide river riddled with tourist boats and small motor boats. Candy shops specializing in pecan pralines. 
   It was a very, very hot day. Just a reminder that we were in the deep south. We went in all the souvenir shops, sampled candy, took pictures, and gave thanks that we had our umbrellas when the thunder and rain started. 
   We did visit Paula Dean's restaurant, but decided it was a rip-off and chose a more affordable and more delicious option; pizza. 
   It was a really enjoyable day and I see many more Savannah visits in our future.


  1. anna your photos are fabulous! you have an eye for photography :) sounds like you two had a wonderful trip--savannah suits you!

  2. We love Savannah, too! Let us know the next time you go for a visit so we can meet up! :)

  3. Savannah is one of my favorite places to explore. My family restored many of the old stained glass church windows around the city, so I have been going there off and on for years. You are right, Paula Deen's place is a rip-off. Try Mrs. Wilkes boarding house restaurant (hidden on a residential side street), it used to be the epitome of good ole Southen cooking served family style. For fun, take a guided trolley bus tour of the historic district - it's fairly inexpensive and some of the guides are wonderfully funny, sharing tidbits and local gossip and stories that you would normally never hear.

  4. savannah looks so amazing!!! how wonderful to be able to spend time there after your honeymoon :) i've been wanting to visit this part of the south, and your post makes me want to plan more strategically to do so. and those candy apples - oh, i wish i had one now!

  5. Savannah always feel like home when I return. It is the epitome of Southern to me. Painted porch ceilings, polite people in parks, and sweet tea. Driving down tomorrow actually for a photo shoot and a haircut. If you ever return I must insist that you have brunch at cafe 37, it's tucked behind an antique store on 37th street. One of Savannah's many hidden gems. (And yes, Paula Deen's is ridiculous. Looks like you choose Vinnie Van GoGo's.) Also I recommend, Zunzis. :)


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