Friday, December 9, 2011

Cards for our soldier

   This was the longest week ever but it's finally Friday and I'm ready to get some sleep and get ready for Christmas. I'm planning to get all my Christmas shopping and crafting done this weekend. I doubt it'll happen but it's good to have goals right?
   I haven't shared any kindergarten happenings in a while so I though I'd share a few pics of what we did today. For our service learning project, our class adopted a deployed soldier and throughout the year we'll be sending cards and packages.

   Today we made our first batch of cards. Christmas cards.

   I found all kinds of foam Christmas cut-outs I got on clearance last year so the kids were delighted to use those and I was delighted by how quietly engaged they were and the fact that I found some Christmas music to play in our classroom on Pandora.

   I'll admit that they're not the most beautiful cards and "Merry Christmas" was copied down incorrectly on most of them but, hopefully they'll remind our soldier that she is loved and people are thinking of her. After all it's the thought that counts right? 

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