Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY Christmas Gifts

   So, I finally got some Christmas shopping done today. It took me a little under and hour and four stores. Yeah, I'm pretty speedy. Almost all the gifts I have left are the ones I want to make. Here are some really great DIY gift ideas I found and might be using...

These velvet ribbon bookmarks are so lovely. 

These monogrammed mugs are very cool. 

I'd be delighted to receive a jar of all the ingredients I need for delicious cookies. 

This s'mores kit is adorable. 

These printed candles are pretty and simple. 

Wouldn't you feel special receiving tea bags made just for you?

This bath scrub sounds so luxurious.

   Are you making any gifts this year???

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  1. I want to do all of these! I wish I had so much more time to try fun stuff like this. Especially the first one :)


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