Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Mom :o)

   Today is a rainy, yucky day. Rain should not be allowed on Spring Break. Especially because today is my mom's birthday and it should never rain on someone so special's birthday. I guess I should have talked to God about this sooner :o)
   So yes, it's raining, but I'm still absolutely savoring every moment of Spring Break and love that my mom's special day happened to be during break. Couldn't have planned it better myself.
  On the birthday agenda for the evening is meeting my parents and brother at our favorite Mexican spot, then dyeing eggs, opening presents, and capping it all off with ice cream sundaes. I'm really excited about the presents part.

   I have a very sweet, special, loving mom who I will never be able to fully thank for all she's done for me. She didn't just raise me; she loved, encouraged, motivated, disciplined, supported, educated, and sacrificed for me. She deserves a special day with special gifts to say the least.
    Happy Birthday Mommy!


  1. aw! happy birthday mom <3

    I'm happy you made this yucky rainy day so vibrant and lovely. happy earth day love.

  2. so're mom has done a great job rasing such a lovely are blessed Anna.
    Happy bday Anna's mommy and a Happy and Blessed Easter too.


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