Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday {Yes, I know today is Wednesday}

   Spring break is off to a wonderful, wonderful start. We took my car to get the oil changed, I went for a great run in the warm weather, and we're planning a little day trip later today. Oh, and I got to stay up really late last night :o)
   I don't believe I've posted an "Enchantment Tuesday" for a while. Lame. With Easter so close I've come across so many adorable Easter projects so, I'll share a few of those today along with other things I'm lovin'.

   Mason Jars of any kind, used anywhere make me very happy. These absolutely delight me. 

Such a pretty way to combine flowers and eggs.

Bark is one of my favorite foods. I like jelly beans too. I'd love to find some of this in my Easter Basket.

I don't have an Easter dress. I sort of quit getting them when I was like 12. But, if I were going to get an Easter dress, this is the one I'd choose.

This warm Spring weather reminds me that Summer (Yay!) is just around the corner. Strawberries always make me think of sweet summertime. 


  1. I just found the mason jar link about 5 min ago--its so clever!! Great post, you know how I look forward to these :) I hope you are enjoying your Spring break and the quietness, have a good week Anna!

  2. I'm wholly obsessed with canning jars <3 I loved the pictures!

  3. love all your finds :) i've seen those painted jars on a couple blogs now...maybe i should make some.....hmmm.

  4. oh i remember when i was little i'd always get a new dress to wear to church for easter!
    LOVE the dress you picked!
    following you now.

  5. oh. my. gosh.
    those strawberry trays. gah!

  6. i LOVE those colorful jars for easter! i want to make some. so cute.

    loving your blog.
    new follower:)



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