Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring and flowers in our home

   Wow this has been a looooong week. Isn't it weird how some weeks fly by and some weeks crawl by? This week crawled by for sure. It's finally Friday though and I want nothing else to do but lie on the couch and sleep, sleep, sleep. At least 'til Sunday morning.
  I'm used to dealing with throw-up and wet pants on a daily basis, but I had a new experience today. The adorable little kindergartner sitting beside me at lunch today dropped her entire milk carton on my foot. My brown flat was filled with strawberry milk. Lovely. I left my kids eating lunch for a moment to stick my foot in the sink and dry my shoe with some paper towels, but I'm pretty sure that shoe will permanently have a strawberry scent. Oh clumsy precious children. Life in kindergarten is never dull :o)
  So, though it's a very un-Spring-like 55 degrees outside, our apartment is looking like a new, fresh season.
   I've been dying to have some fresh flowers in our apartment. Living in an apartment though, we have no yard to to gleam flowers from. Last night, after returning from the gym, it was dark outside so I talked my sweet husband into coming with me to snag some flowers around the apartment complex. 
   We started behind the smelly dumpster where there were lots of lovely ones to be found. I doubt anyone will miss those. As we sneaked back (well I sneaked, Brandon carried the Trader Joe's bag of flowers back with no shame) I stopped by a Dogwood tree outside the laundromat and got some of the lowest branches. 
   I don't think our new Spring decor will be missed by anyone around here. 
   Gosh, I love fresh flowers, and weekends, and Spring.


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