Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots of jewelry

  I've got jewelry on the brain today. I started off my day finishing some earrings (and watching Dexter since the season 4 finale left me hanging).

  Then I made some necklaces.

  And then I discovered some really great earrings at Goodwill.

   I've really lost interest in Goodwill lately. It seems like they only have crappy stuff now. Very disappointing. Today I figured I'd give the store one more chance.

  I found nothing desirable and was about to leave when I decided to give the jewelry a chance. I  was delighted to find these these three pairs if earrings. Two of the pairs were $2 each and one was $3 each. Not bad and they're so pretty.

  I plan on selling the jewelry I made and keeping what I found at Goodwill. Which pair shall I wear first?

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