Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know, another wreath...but it's for a very good reason

   Yesterday I came home from school and instantly sat down to make another wreath. By this point you might think I'd be burnt out on making wreaths and that every room in our apartment already has at least one hanging on it. I've said a couple of times that I'm hoping to get accepted to sell my jewelry and wreaths at a local indie market. Though unsure of whether I'd be accepted, I've been crankin' out the earrings and wreaths. Well, I can now do it with enthusiasm and a sense of urgency because I was accepted to sell. Yay! I now have less than two weeks so I'm just pluggin' away. Very happy to have a good reason for all this crafting.
  So, here's the wreath I made yesterday.

   I haven't used this yarn on a wreath before and I love it. So bright and cheerful.

   I'm currently working on one more wreath (I'll definitely share it of course) and then I believe I'll be done with them. I might make a few more earrings and maybe one or two more necklaces. I'm just so excited to get to participate! 


  1. congrats on being accepted! :) how fun! when and where will this be? im just curious..if i lived closer i would totally stop by, i hope you know that! they are so pretty..im excited to see more of your creations!

  2. yay thanks katie for all yoru sweet compliments. Aw if it was closer that'd be so fun. Here's the link about the market http://firstfridayindiemarkets.blogspot.com/
    hopefully they'll update it sometime soon....I'm pretty excited :o)


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