Saturday, January 1, 2011

Giving gifts a little late

   Happy New Year! Brandon and I had a delicious appetizer dinner last night and watched the ball drop with some friends. It was so nice :o)
   2011 is off to a productive start. I've spent the entire day so far getting rid of our dangerously dry Christmas tree and putting away all our Christmas decorations. I'm finally done though! Now I just have a sink full of dishes to wash, my least favorite chore in the world. Last night I learned a valuable lesson: dishwashing detergent should not be used in place of dishwasher detergent, unless you want suds spilling out of your dishwasher and covering the kitchen floor. My parents were wise enough to help me fix my suds filled dishwasher today.

   While my parents were here I got to give them their last (late) Christmas gifts.

   These frames started out at Goodwill looking like this.
   I liked the bamboo look of the frames, but not the color and the pictures definitely didn't delight me. 

   I got some black spray paint for $1 at Dollar General and sprayed them with three coats. By the third coat my impatience had kicked in so instead of shaking the can for 60 seconds like the directions said, I shook it for like 10. Due to my failure at following directions, the last coat ended up being sort of rough looking. Not a good kinda rough looking. My parents love distressed antiques, as do I, so I used a cheap nail file to scratch the paint off in spots. 

   I printed the pictures at Target, cleaned the glass, put the frames all back together and the end result was very pleasing.
   My parents loved the frames and were excited to have a couple of our wedding pictures. I believe they're going to hang them in the kitchen :o)

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