Friday, December 31, 2010

A year of beautiful firsts

2010 was a year filled with many wonderful firsts.

First road trip together
   In april Brandon FINALLY moved down here from Massachusetts. I flew up there and road down with him. It was a 16-hours-in-one-day kinda road trip, but the together time was a blessing and the fact that we would be seeing each other every day from then on made it wonderful.
First (and only) time tying the knot
   June 26 Brandon and I got married, its been a wonderful adventure so far.
First time visiting hilton head
   We both agree our Hilton Head honeymoon was the best week of our lives.
    First time moving out for good
Going away to college there’s always the comfort of knowing you’ll be coming home. Now, I’ve left my parents house for good. I miss it and them though I love my new life.
First laptop
we bought a beautiful Apple Macbook Pro. I’ve wanted a laptop since my freshman year of college.
First teaching job
I am thankful every day for the opportunity i’ve been blessed with. i love my little kindergarteners.
First time buying a car as a couple
We hadn’t plan to buy a car so quickly but jumping my car at 6:30 every morning and wondering when it was just going to fall apart wasn’t going to well.
First time blogging
I'm enjoyin’ it
First New Years together
Due to our long distance relationship, Brandon and I have never spent new years together. I’m excited :o)

Happy New Year friends! I hope you're all as ready and excited for 2011 as I am


  1. Anna! You are so right, we did share some big "firsts" :) I guess that simply means one thing..we are growing up! I love the pictures you posted with each new thing you talked about, it looks like you and Brandon are very happy and doing well! Happy New Year!


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