Thursday, December 30, 2010

My sad lack of craft projects...

   Good morning my friends and happy Thursday. Can you all believe it's nearly new years? Crazy times. Many of you may have noticed that my blog has been quite void of craft projects this past week. I'm definitely not burnt out on crafting, I have quite a few projects swirling  round in my noggin. I thought that I'd spend Christmas break crafting 24/7, but it seems that breaks are really useful for doing those tasks you rarely have time for like taking out the recycling (it's a big job...), really scrubbing the bathroom, organizing the pantry, making centers for my classroom, frequenting the Target Christmas clearance section, finally getting a new cell phone, etc. It's nice to get things done, but Im ready to indulge in some crafting and creating, so I promise there will be some craft posts on here soon. Until then, wish me luck as I finally change my name at the bank and go visit my husband at work after making excuses for at least a month (I'm just worried I'll get lost driving there).

My new vase in action.

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