Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good finds at Goodwill

   The past few times I've been to Goodwill it's been VERY picked over, sparse, and downright disappointing. I was hoping that after Christmas there would be tons of treasures to be found due to people getting rid of their old stuff to make room for the "new and improved." I decided to try my luck today and see what I could find (have I mentioned how much I am enjoying Christmas break!?!).
   I'm always a little weary parking in the crowded Goodwill parking lot due to a woman yelling at and insulting me because of a parking space she wanted. I was a bit traumatized. Today, thankfully, was conflict-free. I had three specific items I was looking for today:
1. milk glass vases
2. blue mason jars (I found one there last spring)
3. silver plated trays (I've found quite a few of these there)

   I only found one item on my list (a milk glass vase), but I also found two other things that absolutely delighted me.
   These prints make me so, so happy. They're Williamsburg prints (they only cost me $4.99 each). The entire series has a flower arrangement for each month of the year. I remember my parents having one hanging in the entry hall for much of my childhood. The entire set appears in the parlor of the George Wythe house in Colonial Williamsburg, one our my family's favorite places to visit.
   I'm not too crazy about the frames so I'll probably re-do them. I'm thinking about hanging these treasures on the wall over the head of our bed.
   That's the beauty of Goodwill, it's like a treasure hunt. Sometimes you leave there empty handed and annoyed at the time you wasted and other times you find items nestled among the other cast-offs that practically make you squeal with delight :o)

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  1. Congratulations on your finds! I've been looking at our Goodwill for milk glass, but it's always very picked over. Ours just opened in September and has yet to get really stocked.


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