Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Enchantment Tuesday

   Welcome to the first ever "Enchantment Tuesday." From this day forth I will use Tuesdays as a day to show at least five things that I am enchanted with (lovin' right now). These "things" may be household lovlies, pretty clothing, or any other thing that tickles my fancy. So, here we go, what I'm enchanted with today...

Something I've been very much in love with for a while are these darling animals made by Katie over at Skunkboy Creatures. This Chinchilla is especially adorable.

I'm longing for this dress from ModCloth.

Pinecones are so perfect for decorating indoors during the dreary winter.

This wreath from Red Marionette just makes me smile. I think we all know about my yarn wreath obsession by now...

And finally, Our new sheets. I got them on clearance at Target yesterday. They're flannel (warm!) they have stockings on them, they're cheerful, and they just make me wanna lay in bed all day (not that I would do that or anything....)

   I hope you all enjoyed me sharing what's enchanting me :o) 

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