Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yet another yarn wreath...It's becoming an obsession

  I just finished another Christmas present and I'm just so delighted by it I couldn't help but share it. (Don't worry, the recipient doesn't read my blog so I'm not spoiling anything). So, here it is.

   I know, I know. I've made a lot of wreaths. So far I've made Christmas wreaths, a snowman wreath, and, of course, a love birds wreath. I just love them though. They're so charming and add a lot to the decor of any room.
  I started out with this wreath from the dollar store and some blue yarn I found at Goodwill for 99cents. They had lots of unused blue yarn. (Ya never know what you may find at Goodwill. Every visit is like a treasure hunt. Love it.) Then I wrapped the yarn around the wreath like I did here.

   I made the ribbon roses following these simple steps.

    The page "flowers" I made the same way I made these Christmas ornaments. The felt flowers I just sort of made up as I went along. Sometimes things come out best when you just throw caution to the wind and fly by the seat of your pants.

   After I'd made all the flowers, I simply used my handy hot glue gun to attach them to the wreath and used some dollar store ribbon for hanging it. I hope the lucky lady receiving this will like it. I'm definitely going to be making a similar one for our home :o)


  1. I love that skinny wreath! pretty!

  2. Anna--I tried making your ribbon roses and boy do I need some practice :) I found your same idea featured on the Pretty Poppy
    On her blog, she said she went for the accordion look. I like that idea but I really like the fullness of your roses however, I failed at my attempt. I will try again another day with different ribbon and hope for the best! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and idea, they always look so pretty on your crafts :)

  3. Aw Katie I'm sorry your's didn't work out! Your compliments are so sweet. Just keep practicing :o) By the way, I've been enjoying looking at all your beautiful crafts :o)


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