Thursday, December 9, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 14

  Am I the only one who thinks this week has lasted for at least two weeks? Goodness gracious it's never ending.  I suppose it's because Christmas and winter break are looming there, almost within my grasp...but when will it be here???? I know it will be here before I even know it :o) Today's just been one of those days when I was ready to call it a day and lay down on the couch by about 6am.I love, love my job, but I'm ready for a break to get some sleep and my sweet little kindergarteners are showing a need for a break too. I think their little minds are just full to capacity at this point. This stupid splint on my arm and the horrible cold have also made this a challenging week. If all I have to dislike though is a hurt wrist, a long week, and the cold, then I've got a lot to be thankful for :o)
   I've been slacking off on my Christmas gift crafting. In true Anna fashion I'll probably procrastinate until the week of Christmas. I remember my mom had a framed needle point picture that read "Why do today what you can put of until tomorrow?" It became my life motto.
  I came across this cute gift idea today. It'd be a really nice present for someone who has recently moved to a new home or their first home. Or one of those people who's a little obsessive about their guests using coasters. You've known people like that right? Well, now if there's anyone like that on your gift list you know what to put under the tree for them.

Map Coasters
Photo from Martha Stewart

  For the complete, and I might add pretty simple tutorial, click here.  I just love anything made out of a map...or dictionary pages of course :o)

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