Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Beads and Ribbons

  What a beautiful and enjoyable Saturday it's been. It started off a little rough due to the fact that I had a sink full of dirty dishes to wash and a gross tub to scrub that I had been putting off doing for three weeks. I got the dishes washed, the tub cleaned (well as clean as I could) and some lesson planning done, then It was time for the fun stuff; making necklaces :o) I can't think of anything more pleasant than sipping hot chocolate while creating necklaces and watching The Office with my husband. I was quite a busy bee and have some delightful (at least I think they're delightful) necklaces I made to share with y'all today.

These first two were fairly simple to make and I just love the results.

These last two I made today were inspired by this picture from Anthropologie. Like I've said before, I love their stuff but just can't afford I make my own :o)

My versions

   What do y'all think????

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