Friday, November 19, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 4

  Hello blog friends, I feel like I haven't posted in so long and come to think of it, I really haven't posted in so long. It's been a busy, long week but I survived. Thanksgiving is almost here and though I truly love, love my job, I am excited for some time off. Next weekend will be filled with lots of eating, obviously, and lots of crafting.
 I know I've mentioned that lately I've become interested in making jewelry again. In light of my new found interest,  for today's installment of the "25 Posts" I decided to show you some pretty Earrings. Sound good? Good. Here we go...

Simple Button Earrings

You will need:
  • earrings studs 
  • earring backs
  • buttons
  • super glue
Step 1. I found the earrings studs and backs at a craft store as well as a big bag of assorted buttons. I found my super glue at Dollar Tree (I can't seem to have a post without using some sort of $1 supply). 

Step 2. Squirt some super glue on the flat part of the earring stud and place it. glue side down, on the back of the button.
Step 3. Let dry for the time given on the super glue bottle.

   So was that easy or what? And aren't they cute? now that you know how to make the basic button earring, you can get a little more adventurous and creative. 

   You may be wondering why I went crazy making earrings and then put them on card stock. I was hoping to make some mula off of them. Remember that indie market I've been making all those necklaces for in hopes of selling them there? Well I won't be selling them there now. It fell throw. I'm sure I'll find some use for all my creations though, and after all, I did really enjoy making each piece. Crafting really is as much about the creating process as it is about the finished product.
   Well, now that you've made an adorable pair of button earrings, wrap 'em up and give 'em to someone you love :o)

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