Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wall of Frames

   This Saturday is off to a great start. I think it's absolutely necessary to go for a walk followed a trip to Goodwill on Saturday mornings, just as I did today :o) I got some good stuff at Goodwill and it was a pleasant trip with no one yelling at me. I had hoped to find something else to add to our focal point wall but nothing caught my eye.
   We refer to the focal point wall I mentioned as the "wall of frames."I found this picture on Scissors the Rock Paper Scissors Events blog a while ago and was instantly wowed and inspired by the whimsically pretty white frames.
Picture from Scissors

   I started working on our wall not long after we got married and I moved into our apartment. My husband is very sweet about letting me add what I want to his former "manly"apartment. He admits that it feels much more homely now. To get started on my inspired wall, I got lots and lots of frames from Goodwill and a local antique store. The more different they were, the better. I then bought a small sample can of white paint from the home improvement store and got to work painting all our new frames.  I'm sure our neighbors still curse my name because the only time I ever seemed to have time to hang the frames was after 10:00 at night. I tried to hammer quietly, I really did try. After all the frames were hung I was satisfied, for a while. The wall just needed something else though. My newest addition, the plates I decoupaged are just right I think. Now, for the finished result.

   I love the letter A in the inspiration picture. I was hoping to make some fabric covered letters to add to the wall but I just haven't had the chance and I dunno that it really needs anything else. I'm pretty happy with it, for now at least...


  1. I love your frame wall so much, it's simply beautiful!

  2. gosh you're such a sweet and faithful follower :o) i'm glad you like it. do you think it's good the way it is or is it still lacking something???

  3. I love it! Looks great - you are on your way!! :)


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