Saturday, March 31, 2012

The happenings of my past few weeks

   I've been a very absent blogger lately and it's a real shame. This time of year I'm just spent, resulting in coming home and following asleep after school almost every afternoon. It's pitiful. I've been counting down the days 'till spring break since January though, and it's finally almost here!
  The past few weeks I've spent the time I haven't been at school or snoozing on the couch, eating lots of yogurt (a new obsession), spending quality time with Brandon, shopping at Goodwill and Target, cooking, enjoying the beautiful weather, and planting plants. Oh, and there's no picture but, we got a new mattress. It's absolute heaven compared to the double we had and our feet no longer hang off :o)

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. I can't say it enough, you guys are so amazingly cute! I love the coffee date picture of you smiling so big <3

    I am excited about you blogging more over spring break- I know it's a moment we all wait for in the spring, almost there- just a few more days!!


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