Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

   Today was a long day. Quite a long day. Buuut now I'm home enjoying some of The Office and ready to share with y'all the things that have caught my eye and tickled my fancy this week.

I'm a big fan of doilies. Pompom doilies...love!

Special, pretty DIY votives.

I really want to do this somewhere in our apartment. And I could use the doily pompoms I make :o)

Delightful cake balls.

I've loved this locket for a long time.


  1. You need that locket, Anna! :)

  2. the doilies are beautiful. and that locket is AMAZING.

  3. Dusti I completely agree :o)

  4. so i think we agree i NEED the locket...

  5. all are so beautiful! I am a new follower! Love all this eye candy. we have similar taste. I have never seen doilies as pom poms before... love it! it's like vintage meets modern!

  6. I love your style -- so whimsical and enchanting indeed!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  7. Oh, I love those doilie pompoms, I make them with newspaper and with tissue paper. I am going to make some with cupcake papers soon <3


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