Sunday, May 15, 2011

Morning Crafting

   Good morning Friends! I hope this week is off to a wonderful start for each of you. Due to allergies getting the best of me I got up earlier than planned today and decided to fit in a little crafting and preparing for the next Indie Market before going to church.

   What are you all up to today? Anything productive or just being lazy? I think I'm planning on a little of both :o)


  1. Love the earrings! (By the way, I'm listing yours as our giveaway starting on May 20th, after the glass straw giveaway ends <3)

    Today, we're planning on being productive, but so far... nothing :) Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Did you get my email a few weeks ago about my giving a pair of your earrings away in part of my 100 followers giveaway? I'm pairing them with a vintage necklace I've had for years and want to share with someone else and a pair of your lovely earrings I bought at the indie market <3 I am so excited. I am in love with the new one's you have done. I can't wait to buy more!!

  3. aw yay to both of you giving my little creations away! You ladies have made me so happy!


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