Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

   Oh friends, I am in a grumpy mood this afternoon. I believe it's mostly due to this terrible headache I've endured most of the day. I believe the headache is due to dehydration, the heat, sleep deprivation and stress. Yuck. All I wanna do is lie down and sleep until tomorrow. There's really not much stopping me so...perhaps I will.
    For some reason my throbbing head can't recall, I didn't do "Enchantment Tuesday" last week. That's ok though, just means there's lots of lovely things for me to share with y'all today.

I love this clever plant container.

This Pink Passion Lemonade picture is so pretty and makes me so thirsty.

I would looove to have these sandals. I'd wear them every day.

Wedding cupcakes make me so dang happy.

Really clever chair makeover.

Gosh I'm enthralled by this bag


  1. you always find great stuff! that tiny planter is cute!

  2. I also came accross that lemonade....yums...I am doing the master cleanse lemonade diet and EVERYTHING looks soooooooo yummy right now...Ihope you're feeling better..
    .ps that bag is ahhhh!
    have a great night xo

  3. i LOVE those snack bags!! <3 and those flip flops and I love the cupcakes. very enchanting this week!! brightened my night.

  4. Those cupcakes are precious! And that lemonade...lovely! What a fantastic bag, too!

  5. oh i love the little plants in that tin, what a wonderful idea!!


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