Friday, March 4, 2011

Truffula Trees

  Friday finally came and it's glorious. Like I mentioned the other day, it's been a tough week. But it's over and time for a little rest, relaxation and...crafting! I went to Dollar Tree today and they have foam wreath forms again! Thank goodness. I bought six. I'm excited to beautify them for the upcoming craft fair (April 1st).
   This whole week our school has celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday. Each day has been themed based on a Dr. Suess book. I'm dressed up accordingly nearly every day. Today was the grand finale. The kids had Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast in the cafeteria, my sweet mom visited with a book reading and little prize bags, we read Seuss books, made Ooblek (it took  some furious sweeping and scrubbing to clean that up), a Dr. Suess skit put on for the kids by the teachers, and we made our own Trufulla forests.
   Behold Truffula trees made by the hands of kindergartners.

  Cute aren't they? I love kids' crafts that have the same basic supplies and idea and then the kids get to take it whatever directions they want. I love their fearless creativity. Few of them let the their inability to cut a straight line or always color within the lines deter them from crafting their little hearts out.



  1. Where did you find the printouts for the trees? They're the best looking ones for the activity you did.

    1. I found them in a folder of dr. suess folder at school...sorry that's so unhelpful


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