Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wreaths on Saturday

   I have much to do this Saturday, but I really don't feel like doing any of it. I should go to the gym, clean the apartment, work on school stuff, go to the grocery store...but all I really wanna do is lay around in the sunshine that's coming through our windows. My parents are coming over tonight for supper and I'll be making this. It's gonna be tasty. That's a big reason I need to clean the apartment. My mom and dad should not come over as guests and be subjected to my sometimes, slob-like ways. My biggest task is to clean out "Anna's junk corner" as Brandon calls it. It's really just the corner of our office area filled with things like my coats that never made it to the closet, a Christmas gift still in the box, all my Valentine's gifts, craft projects, a paper bag filled with unopened mail, and that kinda thing. Nothing abnormal about that right? Hmmmm the procrastinator in me says to put that task off as long as possible. Good idea :o)
   Remember that Indie market I made all that jewelry to sell at back in December and then didn't get to do it? Well, I'm hoping to have a booth at the one in April. This time I plan to sell jewelry I've made as well as wreaths. I worked on a couple of wreaths this morning.

  Do ya like 'em? I've made a ribbon wreath before but never a wreath like the dictionary page sunbursts one. It's a nice relaxing hobby. Way more relaxing than cleaning...


  1. Ohhhh, I heart that twine one! I'm not normally a wreath girl, but that's gorgeous!

  2. this may be my favorite one you've made! :) just love it!! enjoy the rest of your weekend anna!

  3. Love the paper wreath! Awesome job!!!


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