Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

  I feel like I've been a very lame blogger lately. My posts have been so few and far between. Crafting has become a rare occurrence as of late. I've been busy I guess. And Sick. Shame shame. I plan to get my crafting supplies out this week though and to have some fun in the kitchen tomorrow so, don't give up on me yet :o)
  For now, I'm here with some things that have inspired and delighted me this week.

  I love, love, love this chandelier and guess what, this clever blogger made it. Well, she put the twigs on it and made it special.  

   This frozen Valentine's hunt is such a clever and fun idea for kids.

   We don't have a headboard, but I love to look at beautiful ones like this and imagine how pretty it would look in our room. 

  This assortment of knobs is just so pretty.

  I saved the best for last. Is there anything in the world that sounds more decadent and heavenly than Chocolate Covered Cherry Oreo Cake?



  1. anna! where did you find that chandelier pic? no joke i have been working on this exact thing!! im a little bummed, well maybe a lot, that someone beat me to it but so inspired to finish mine at the same time! :) its beautiful! thanks for sharing your awesome finds!

  2. are you really making one like this??? it is unfortunate to realize it's been done but....it is great inspiration and I'm glad it's motivated you to finish. I can't wait to see yours!


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