Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Bow Earrings

  It's been a productive Saturday. I slept in a little, went to dollar store (and  sadly found nothing I was looking for), went for a walk with Brandon, returned overdue library books, went to Michael's, did some lesson planning, and I've watched at least 10 episodes of The Office. While at Michael's I, of course, scoured the clearance section. It was there that I found these cute little bow beads.
   I hadn't made any earrings in a while so I was really excited to have some new, special beads to use. 
   I used beads from old necklaces and earrings. I made a mess, but they really didn't take long. What do ya think of them?

   I'm hoping to sell some stuff at the Indie Market in April so I could sell these. I'm considering keeping the more simple ones. I had a pair odf studs with bows just like these. They were one o fmy favorite pairs of earrings but I lost them in my car. Then we sold the car. These will be nice replacements.
  Now back to The Office, and getting rid of these terrible hiccups that just took over my body...


  1. I absolutely love that first pair of earrings! But they are both very cute!
    I watched at least 10 episodes of the office today as well...

  2. yay I'm glad you like them! It's weird. I lots interest in the office for a while and now I just watch all the episodes over and over. maybe it's more pathetic than weird...


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