Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day of Love

    Hello blog friends, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a...

Very Happy Valentine's Day!
   I personally love this holiday. Not because I have a special someone to spend it with (though I do enjoy spending it with him), but because it's a day to really acknowledge how much you love and cherish someone like your parents, siblings, friends, children, coworkers, well,  you get the idea.... My parents always made this a special day for us growing up by making us cards, giving us candy or small little gifts, going out for a special meal, and coming home to a fantastic dessert made by my mom. More than that, this day of love can help remind us to thank God for the love He has bestowed upon us. There is truly no greater love in all creation than what He has for us. If Valentine's Day serves no other purpose than to remind us to thank God for his love, then it's a worthwhile day in my opinion :o)

   So far my "Heart Day" has been special and fun. I loved spending most of it with my little kindergartners who were so very excited (partly due to all the extra sugar they consumed) and who show their love and affection with reckless abandon. I got many, many hugs and "I love you"s and just seeing all those precious little ones all dressed up in red with no bigger cares than when we would have our "party" warmed my heart more than any gift could.

My students (and their parents) were too generous.

  Ohhhh I just love Valentine's Day at school. This evening, when Brandon finally gets home from work, we'll be going out for Mexican and then coming home to immerse our faces into this decadent chocolate cake.

I hope you all have a wonderful and special day and remember above all, that God's love for you is something to celebrate today :o)


  1. Cute. My kids had their parties on Friday, but they were so excited! What a cool job teachers have to nurture these little hearts on special days. I taught Kinder and Preschool for a little while. I'm thinking I may try to sub. I miss the hugs from little ones :)

  2. There are few people who show love like children do. Subbing's a good way to get those hugs :o) Thank you for your comment!


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