Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few more decorations, yummy bark, and using a plunger

   I've been quite productive today. Among other things I have succeeded in going to Target, making Christmas gifts (the list never ends!), de-clogging the toilet, and making loads of bark. Our toilet is very temperamental and today is one of those days that a tissue thrown in the bowl calls for the plunger. It's annoying. I went to Target to load up on chocolate and white chocolate chips. Christmas requires a lot of chocolate.

  In between de-clogging the toilet and watching Arrested Development on Netflix, I  wanted to share some photos of a few more of our Christmas decorations and some of the deeelicous bark I made.

These are a few of the decorations in our room.

I found this cute little tree at Target and made the garland using hot glue and different kinds of candy.

I have a slight yarn ball obsession.

A Starbuck tree left over from my Barista days. I was going to make new decorations, but these will do for now.

This morning I embarked (hehe get it?) on my first bark making adventure, Peanut Butter Bark. After acquiring more chocolate, I tried a bark recipe I'd seen here, Cake Batter Bark. 

It's pretty fantastic. If I could live off bark, oh I would.

   I have some cookies left to bake tonight and MORE bark. Wish me luck :o)


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