Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a Little Christmas Decorating

   I love Thanksgiving, but I love Christmas so much more. I've been trying very hard to deny myself decorating until after Thanksgiving (the day after to be precise) but today I broke down and did a little Christmas decoration project.

 There it is, my Christmas garland. I've seen a LOT of this type of bunting around the blogworld and I've been wanting some of my own. All that I've seen has been made out of fabric, but, fabric being out of my budget, I went to the craft store and got some pretty scrap booking paper.

   I cut out lots of triangles.

   My trusty glue gun came in very, very handy. I but a bead of glue along one edge of each triangle, laid the twine in it and let it dry. I saw this idea and technique first on See Kate Sew.
   Before I hung this garland I had my leftover wedding garland hanging over the opening between our kitchen and office. Though I loved it, it was a bit too summery (and I was itching for a project).



  I added some doily "flowers" to the corners to hide the nails hanging the garland.  I can't wait until we have the Christmas tree sparkling beside it.


  1. pretty!! couldn't wait either, huh?? :D You are so crafty!

  2. This is so unbelievably cute!!! Wow!!

  3. Yeah, I decided a little Christmas NOW was necessary. I'm so glad y'all like my garland :o)

  4. That is fabulous and such an original idea on a popular theme. I absolutely love how you used the flower rosettes and draped several buntings together. Bravo! Well done!


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