Sunday, November 21, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 6

   I've been spending a lot of time cleaning, crafting and watching movies this weekend. My car is dead and my sweet husband must work so that leaves me here, very thankful for Netflix streaming.
   I think Christmas tree ornaments are a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Growing up, our tree was covered with ornaments. Towards the end of decorating it was nessecary to start hanging two or more ornaments on each branch. Our tree always looked completely loaded, covered in ornaments made by us, others, and collected through the years. I loved looking at all the ornaments on the tree, each one had a special memory attached.  Every year I like to choose a kind of ornamnet to make and give it to my friends as part of their gift. The ornament I'm featuring today is the kind that I made last year. I was inspired by an ornament I saw on a giant tree at the folk art museum in Colonial Williamsburg.

Starburst Christmas Card Ornament

You will need:
  • Three Christmas cards
  • Tin foil
  • Thread
  • Big Needle
  • String or cord
  • A pretty button
Step 1. Choose three cards to use. I like using cards that have around the same colors. 

Step 2. Draw a starburst on the back of each card. I traced a pattern I made. 

Step 3. Cut each starburst out of the cards.

Step 4. For the silver circle in the middle cut out a little aluminum foil circle and fold the edges under.

Step 5. Stack the starbursts, the foil, and a coordinating button.

Step 6. Use a giant needle and a contrasting thread to sew the whole thing together through the button holes.

Step 6. Make a little hole at the top of one of the starburst rays, put a Christmas colored string or cord threw it, tie it and...all done!

  Now wrap it up, give it to someone you love, and they'll think of your thoughtfulness every time they look at their beautiful tree :o)


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