Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspired Wreath

   Well, I think fall is officially here. The leaves are finally radiantly colored and it is cold outside. Although I despise cold weather, I was reminded when I went for a run yesterday how great it is to run in the cold. Yesterday I felt like I could run so much longer AND I got to listen to Christmas music while I ran. That was the best part :o)
   This past weekend I happily stumbled upon see kate sew and was instantly inspired by her magazine page wreath. I decided it was absolutely necessary for me to make one. So here it is:


   I like it. It doesn't look exactly like Kate's, but that's the beauty of inspiration, making it your own. The day before I had received an Urban Outfitters catalogue in the mail and the pages were perfect for my wreath. Instead of gluing the pages on the cardboard I taped them (all I had were a couple of glue sticks which are useless). It's currently hanging over the head of our bed until I can make a headboard.
   For complete instructions click here.


  1. I like yours better!! You're so sweet to mention me!

  2. aw thanks :o) you may not like mine better if you could see it up close....hehehe. thanks for the inspiration!


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