Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 7

   Happy Saturday my friends. It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. When I went to the gym this morning I was smacked in the face by the frigid chill looming outside our apartment. I can handle it until maybe January first, then I'll be ready for summer.
   I was searching on the interwebs (hehe) the other day for different craft projects using tea cups. I LOVE tea sets. My husband thinks it a little odd, but loves me anyway. I was so delighted when I found these darling teacup candles. What a fantastic gift idea!

Photo from design sponge

   For the complete tutorial click here. If only I had someone on my Christmas list to make these for. Hmmm perhaps I would be a deserving recipient ;o)


  1. those are so pretty! LOVE! i love tea sets too :)

  2. Adorable!!!! You keep giving me all these great ideas, but I've already finished my Christmas shopping... racking my brain to figure out who I could make this for. Hmmm... Oh, well since I can't think of anyone, I guess I could make it for myself ;D


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