Saturday, May 19, 2012

Simply Decorated Gift Bag

   Oh sweet weekends. I hope you're all enjoying every minute of yours. Just a few more weeks until school's out and every day will feel like a Saturday. I definitely plan of crafting, cooking, baking, blogging and sleeping more. Until then I have a quick little craft to share today...
   We're celebrating my mom's birthday tomorrow so, after buying her some special things, I needed to wrap them all up. I've lost interest in the shiny, cheap looking bags at Dollar Tree so I opted for a plain brown bag with some yellow tissue paper and made the bag a bit more special once I got home.

   To decorate your own paper bag you will need:
a paper bag (way to state the obvious, I know)
book pages
spray glue

  Use the spray glue to attach the doilies and any pretty design you snipped out. Simple and so much more special right?


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