Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Enchantment Tuesday

   Well hello there. Long time, no post I know. I've been a lazy blogger lately. Not really because I want to be but school's just time consuming, after school I feel uninspired, and the weekends have been spent doing a lot of yucky cleaning (and perhaps some shopping with my Christmas money). I have plans for a few upcoming projects and feel much more caught up this week so hopefully my lame silence won't last much longer.
   Of course I had time to find a few things I love and want to share.

This bunting is ridiculously pretty and eclectic. 

Such a great way to add storage and upcycle something special.

This cookie is flourless and definitely drool worthy.

I've recently been longing for a sequined cardigan.

You're never too old to have your own "fort."


  1. I want that sweater you posted!!! Just might have to drop some Christmas money on it... ha ha j/k! Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring!

  2. That bunting is such a pretty example of bunting-ness! I love the coral color but I reaaaally love the couch. :)

  3. I LOVE everything in this post, especially that bunting!


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