Friday, January 20, 2012

Enchantment (Friday)

   Well, It's Friday! This was only a four day work week and only a three day week with my students but it seemed to last forever. Ah well, it's over now.  I meant to post this on Tuesday like usual but I suppose something came up. I don't recall. The important part is that I'm finally getting to share with y'all all the prettiness that's enchanted me this week.

I am IN LOVE with this chandelier

Aren't these love letter cookies adorable?

I want to hang this in our home. 

These pretty little mints are delightful.

These boots....too perfect.


  1. those cookies are too adorable! enjoy your weekend! (wouldn't it be lovely if every weekend was a three day weekend?!)

    1. Three days weekends every weekend....ah that'd be heavenly :o)

  2. those mints are so yummy looking! I must try them :)

  3. I want to try making those mints do much!!


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