Friday, December 23, 2011

Star Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

  This evening we had a delightful little Christmas get-together. It consisted of close friends, "Dirty Santa," the guys discussing video games while the girls and exchanged gifts, and a plethora of delicious food. I had a such a wonderful time that I didn't take any pictures so, no pics to share with you all :o(
  I do, however, have a Christmas tree ornament tutorial to share that's easy and perfect for a last minute gift.

Start with some pretty and sturdy scrapbook paper. I'm not into scrapbooking, but I love using the beautiful paper for different projects.

Draw and cut out one star, then use it to trace many more on the back of the scrapbook paper. 

Cut the stars out.

Use scissors to make two slits like so.

Thread the ribbon through so you have a nice loop on the back for hanging your ornament.

Tie the ribbon in a bow. 

   Pretty huh? And wasn't it easy? I made a pile of them the other day while watching Hulu and now have a quite a few Christmas presents taken care of. Please tell me I'm not the only one still not done with my shopping. I'm planning to brave the mall tomorrow...wish me luck!


  1. those stars are so pretty! that one picture, with the slits in the top of the star, made me think of the star from Super Mario Bros. ;) Hope you get all your shopping finished!

  2. Very cute! I love them. I will have to remember that for next years tree!


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