Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Tin Can Luminaries

The other day when we had our friends over for my belated birthday party, I made some luminaries to add a pretty glow to the table. 

To make some of your own....First soak your cans in some sudsy water to get rid of all the stuck on food and to easily coax of the labels. 

Fill the cans with water and place them in the freezer until the ice is frozen. When the're frozen solid lay the one you want to beautify on a towel to keep it from rolling and soak up the melting ice and use a hammer to hammer a nail into to make a lovely design. 

Let them dry out and then add a candle for a little ambiance. Foe a hanging luminary, just add some wire to the top. 


  1. I think I might just try this for Christmas decorations.

  2. so easy and yet totally great! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love love love love love, and I mean LOVE, this idea Anna. I think I'm going to try it to and post you back credz <3

  4. very very cute idea!!


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