Sunday, October 2, 2011


   Oh, Friends..can you believe the weekend is nearly over already? Ugh. It's been a nice and productive one though. Yesterday I spent the day selling at the CoHill festival (pics here) and though it was miserably cold and windy, it went well.
   Today I cleaned, started Fall decorating and we did some grocery shopping. I was overjoyed when I realized that the grocery store had a wonderful supply of canned pumpkin. It was absolutely necessary for me to buy eight cans.

   I've got great plans for this pumpkin. One of them being to make one pumpkin-centered recipe each week this month. It is now October (my birthday month!) so it's time to embrace the coming Fall. We'll see how long these eight cans last...


  1. I just made a pumpkin cake! Glad you could find them!

  2. I am going to branch out and use pumpkin. Any recipes to share?

  3. pumpkin is one of the best things about fall!

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