Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trail Mix

  Instead of going to school today I went to a workshop all about teaching reading. As much as I do enjoy teaching, it was so nice to just sit and listen to someone else talk, use the bathroom whenever I wanted, and get to actually leave for lunch for an entire hour. I'm excited to go back again tomorrow and then put all I've learned into practice on Monday.
  The location for the training is near one of my favorite places, Dollar General. I stopped by there on my way home and was pretty pleased with my purchase.
   Brandon and I love, love, love the "trail mix" types of mixes sold at The Fresh Market and Earth Fair but nine bucks a pound is a quite a bit to steep for us. Dollar General has great nut and dried fruit options so I gave in and bought a can of almonds, a can of honey roasted peanuts, a can of mixed nuts, a package of dried cranberries, and a package of mixed dried berries.


  For about five bucks Brandon and I now have a yummy jar of trail mix. 


  1. trail mix is definitely a favorite in our home too :) and you are right--it's so expensive! thanks for letting me know where to shop for nuts!


  2. Definitely something that I LOVE to do for me and my hubby. He has a thing for Craisins, and I have a thing for nuts (one of the reasons it was so easy to marry him! teehehee).

    I'm a subscriber from miles and miles away! Heard you talked to my mom at the Rush the other day! Hope you're doing well!!

  3. Yummy, yum! I love nuts of all kinds! Thanks for this!

  4. oh I should make some of this, I bet my son would love to eat this throughout the day. :D


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