Sunday, August 7, 2011

New shop items

   Happy Sunday! I hope it's been a relaxing and sweet one for you. This afternoon I went to a wedding expo with my friend and wedding planning partner (click here to find out about our business) to check out vendors and see what the whole thing was all about. It was fun but I have to admit, we were disappointed in the lack of wedding cake samples.
   Yesterday I did an overhaul of my shop and added some new items...

   There's a few other pretty items to be found there too so browse through my creations here.


  1. so cute!! i love the flowers on the bags

  2. crafty fingers <3 happy they are in your shop now!

  3. LOVE that bag, I have a HUGE handbag collection, my hubbs might kill me if I added more, but I think this is adorable


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