Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My August sponsors!

   I have lovely sponsors again for August and I'm so excited to share a little about what I find so special about each one.

   Diana is a very creative lady. She has gained my admiration as she pursues her dreams of owning her own handmade business. She makes adorable bags! among other things. On Dianapantz she shares vegan recipes, craft projects, and pictures from her life which includes lots of bike rides.

   I've been following Tia's blog since I began blogging and I still just love reading it. Tia is a busy mom who shares pictures of her adorable "munchkins," craft projects, recipes, and things she's inspired by.

   I just recently started following Tracey Lynne and her sweet blog has now become one of my daily reads. She's a mom of four boys who loves pretty girliness. This lovely lady also has a shop full of adorable accessories and decorative banners and such. I love all her craft projects, pictures of her and her adorable kids, and sheer creativity.
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   Sara is a mom with a great sense of style and an adorable little girl. She's also an absolute pro at knitting and I'm amazed by the adorable stuff she makes. Sara's blog is full of craft projects, outfit posts, mommyhood advice and pretty pics.
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   Beatrice is a sweet young lady with a real knack for sewing. She creates her own skirt patterns and sews 'em up to sell in her shop. Her love for her family is apparent as well as her zeal for life. Beatrice blogs about life, her sewing projects, and she's recently ventured into vlogging.
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   This is another blog that I've only recently started following and now I read every new post. Nikki is a high school art teacher (any high school teacher has my admiration) with a love for vintage clothing. She has a quickly growing shop that I check daily for new fabulous stuff. Outfits, inspiration, and life happenings fill her blog.
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  I hope you'll visit each of these blogs and enjoy reading them as much as I do :o)


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