Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kitchen Love

  Our kitchen is nice, it really is. Though I complain about it on a very regular basis, I really am thankful for it. The appliances are nice, it has a nice pantry (despite the giant water heater that consumes most the storage area), and it's well lit. My complaint is with the space. It's just. so. small. I think I literally have about 1 1/2 total square feet of counter space. I often place my bamboo cutting board on the stove for extra food prep space, but when all the burners are going, that's out of the question. If I'm cooking and place a bowl and one or two ingredients on the counters, there goes my space and sanity.
   In order to combat my kitchen woes and remind myself how blessed I am. I decided that today I would notice all the things in my kitchen that I DO like.

   I suppose our little kitchen isn't so bad :o)


  1. Your little gadgets and decorations are adorable! I have the same rant about our kitchen. Lack of counter space and you can never have the fridge and dishwasher open at the same time. I guess that's life in an apartment :0/

  2. Aw thanks Dana! yeah the good 'ole apartment kitchen. Meant more for zapping frozen food than cooking entire meals...We make it work though don't we? :o)

  3. I love the two little birds you have! I adore birds <3 You have a very cute little kitchen. I like it a lot :)

    I saw you stopped by, and that was super sweet. The sweet potato chips are delicious :) especially with yogurt dipping sauce. follow <3


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