Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

   Hey friends, time for me to share what's enchanted me with beauty, charm, and creativity this week....

   Aren't these fun? What a great way to celebrate St. Patty's day. I'm sure rainbow pancakes taste even better than regular ones.

   I want a garden and now, despite my lack of yard, this clever vertical garden makes my dreams seem attainable. 

   Love, love, love this wreath. Definitely inspires me. 

   Very pretty, very cool plates.

   This is such a simple and pleasant picture. What a special snack for a lucky kid.

The End :o)


  1. I love the very last picture! My kids would love that, I'm totally doing something like it for my daughters birthday!! :)

  2. aw that would be super cute for a birthday!


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