Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Kitty Cat

   Meet the newest member of our family and one whom has truly stolen our hearts. Her name is Riley. I came across this precious kitten on pet one day. I email the lady who'd rescued her, we went and met her, and a few weeks later (on my birthday) she came to live with us. 

    The sweet lady we adopted her from rescued her when she was just a wee little baby and only weighed about a pound. She had been tossed out of a car window on a nearby highway. She was shaking with fear and her face was all scraped up and hurt. Her rescuer took her in, paid for her to be all fixed up, and then gave her up for us to love. I will be forever grateful to her rescuer and thankful that the Lord protected our little kitty on that dangerous road.

   It's a tad ridiculous how much we love this cat. She sleeps with us, snuggles with us, watches TV with us, and...sometimes eats with us. She has a wild amount of energy, but is ready to purr and snuggle in our arms at a moments notice. She's pretty much perfect :o)


  1. awww :) so cute!! Hey I am back to blogging :) and right now I have a giveaway going on :)

  2. aw, so sweet!!!! so glad this kitty found a home with you!


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