Monday, March 14, 2011

Earring Ferris Wheel

  So is your week off to a good start? Am I the only one thrown off by the time change? I feel wimpy but...that hour we lost, oh I miss it. Other than the whole time thing my week's off to a great start. My day started off with two of my little kindergartners throwing up their breakfasts all over themselves and one of the tables at the simultaneously. Somehow I kept myself from gagging as my sweet assistant cleaned up the massive pile and I helped get the kids get cleaned up. Both the of my little sick students seemed pretty unfazed. One of the kids went home and the other stayed the whole day and seemed fine. After getting that episode over with, the rest of the day went super smoothly and was really enjoyable.
   Now after a day of school, grocery shopping with Brandon, and enjoying a delectable dinner, I'm ready to relax for just a little while. Blogging is definitely part of that relaxation :o)

   I've been hard at work making lots of earrings for that craft fair I'm hoping to be accepted to sale at. Now, I've figured out a way to display them.

   We got this metal ferris wheel as a wedding gift. It's super cute and unique, but I've been a little unsure of where to put it in our apartment. I used my mini clothespins to attach my earring cards.

   I added my whimsical earring ferris wheel to my little craft area. I like my decorated mini fair ride :o)


  1. i love this! what a great ferris wheel!

  2. Anna, that is perfect! I love the tiny clothes pins too!!!
    And your earrings are gorgeous!
    All Things Heart and Home

  3. how absolutely adorable! what a great way to use that ferris wheel!!


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